Sans Everything
(Scenic & Lighting)

Created by Lightning Rod Special & Strange Attractor
Directed by Rebecca Noon

Costume Design by Rebecca Kanach
Sound Design by Brad Pouliot

Photos by Johanna Austin

"On the flawlessly designed and illuminated minimalist set (Brooklyn-based Masha Tsimring) – six doors with horizontal white blinds framed by windows through which we glimpse lights – two naked people tumble onto the stage, puking, mewling and lost – manifestations of AI hardwired into inchoate, unexperienced bodies and minds." - Phindie

"Set designer Masha Tsimring creates a space as sterile as it is versatile, drawing the actors into ever more frenetic loops in, out of, and around the stage, where the walls aren’t walls at all but doors of gently clattering blinds or spaces to peek and spy." - Broadstreet Review